Shameless Act of Servants of the Bourgeoisie

In the morning of May 10 (from 5:00 to 5:45) bastards destroyed absolutely all the flowers in Victory Park in Riga. Usually the flowers were lying for several days, this time they decided to remove them as soon as possible. But it did not work without witnesses – members of the Workers’ Front kept night watch at the monument. The flowers were destroyed with particular fierceness and with the approval of the smirking policemen. Eternal shame on the collaborators of Nazism! Eternal glory to the liberators of Latvia!

As soon as the collaborators disappeared, a woman came up to the monument and laid the first flowers again.

The Latvian bourgeoisie, in league with the petty nationalist rabble, is not just fighting every reminder of the Soviet heritage, but is directly spitting in the face of the masses who came to honor the memory of those who died to liberate the world from fascism. When the enemy is so impotent and so unprofessional that he cannot put up a fair fight, he will resort to dirty tricks. But he will inevitably be defeated.

It did not take long for the people to respond: On May 10, throughout the day, they repeatedly laid flowers at the monument.

Comrades, come to the monument at night, guard it, communicate with like-minded people. We are waiting for you!