To the Day of the Socialist Revolution

Farther and farther away from us are the events of October 1917, significant for the whole world. Today, only a dense retrograde, a representative of the exploiting class, which wants to preserve its economic and political power over the working people, can deny the progressive nature of socialist transformations. The modern capitalist is like a slave owner who did not want to release his “talking tools” to freedom, even if only formal, but was forced to do so. Those who talk about conservatism, the preservation of the old and obsolete order, hiding behind slogans of “freedom and democracy” (in fact, only for representatives of the ruling class!) exploiters.

The intelligentsia serving the bourgeoisie will repeat the same thing: “The revolution is bad, it is a utopia, let’s stop at capitalism as the best economic model.” And fooling the heads of the workers who plow in order to survive and, as a rule, do not have free time to study, is not difficult for the masters of pseudoscientific chatter.

The bourgeois revolutions, as the transition from the feudal to the capitalist mode of production, are universally recognized, but the socialist revolution following them is ignored, as if it never happened. And if they do mention it, then as some misunderstanding, which allegedly happened on British or German money, but in no way due to the objective historical reasons that prevailed at the time. They say all this to justify “class peace,” to conceal the class struggle that really exists, and not to show the contradictions between labor and capital, which in fact can no longer be concealed. Contradictions with which you and I are confronted on a daily basis.

You have – you don’t appreciate, you lose – you understand…

Is it becoming clearer to you now what achievements of the revolution were spoken of in Soviet times? Words about improvements in health care, education, working conditions, about a peaceful sky over our heads, which in those days were often regarded as empty, have now acquired a very clear proof… though already in the form of denial. When people are deprived of what they took for granted under socialism, they begin to appreciate socialism.

But socialism is the only society in which products are produced not in order to exchange them for money, but in order to ensure the full well-being of the people and its free all-round development. This is a society in which there are no contradictions between labor and capital (because there is no capital!), And labor is again connected with man and benefits the whole society, and not a bunch of parasites who have climbed onto the throne.

Today people enjoy excessive working hours, an increase in the retirement age, paid medicine and education, mortgaged housing and housing services at cosmic prices… And most importantly, the capitalists have taken away our confidence in tomorrow, in a better future for our children. Everything that our ancestors wrested by force from the capitalists, the bourgeoisie is taking back before our eyes. Who we are after this, let everyone decide for himself.

But there is also a positive moment in everything that happens. The further the glorious days of October 1917, the closer the days of the next socialist revolution. Progress cannot be stopped, no matter how the ruling class wishes it.

“We started this case. Exactly when, at what time, the proletarians of which nation will carry this matter to the end is an insignificant question. It is essential that the ice is broken, that the path is open, the road is shown”. V. I. Lenin.

Comrades, working people and honest intelligentsia, happy holiday!