To the International Children’s Day

June 1st is the International Children’s Day. This holiday is designed to remind humanity of the need to protect the rights of children. Therefore, we again recall those who, for the first time in history, created the conditions for the effective enforcement of their rights, who actually protected children from violence and exploitation, from ignorance and deprivation, not limited only to the good wishes characteristic of bourgeois “benefactors.”

From the history of the pioneer organization. First tie.

Once, at an evening of recollections of the first pioneers, I met with Olga Vasilyevna Tarasevich, a teacher. We talked, remembered how we made a solemn promise on Palace Square, how red ties were tied on us…

Olga Vasilyevna thought for a while and said:

“And long before this day, I wore a red tie, although at that time there was no pioneer organization yet.”

“Tell me,” I asked, feeling that there was an interesting story behind these words.

“That was in 1922,” said Olga Vasilievna, “lived near the Moscow railway station and very often, along with my peer friends, ran on the railroad tracks. You could always find what to do there. After the civil war, the country was destroyed. To restore everything, there were not enough hands. There was no one to unload the wagons on the railway, they stood idle for a long time on the tracks. Komsomol members helped the railroad workers, and we children helped the Komsomol members.

They often drove us away, they said: “Don’t get in the way,” but we didn’t leave.

To look more impressive, the girls tied red scarves on their heads, imitating adult female workers. And I had such a scarf.

Once on the railway tracks Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky suddenly appeared. He was accompanied by the railroad workers. The workers saw him and began to drive us out of the way. Dzerzhinsky noticed this, came up to us and asked:

“What kind of employees are these?”

One of his companions was confused by his hands:

“We don’t know what to do with them… We chase them, and they come again.”

Felix Edmundovich shook his head and said very strictly:

– You don’t have to drive these guys away, you have to organize.

He came up to me, took off his head a kerchief and tied it around my neck.

– So wear it, you still have time to be an adult! – said and smiled well.

I pressed my tie to my chest and ran home. Since then I always carry my tie with me.

After a short time a pioneer detachment was created on the October railway, one of the first in our country.

A. Moizhes

Pioneer anniversaries

In 1919, when the young Soviet republic was attacked by foreign invaders and White Guards, a parade dedicated to the day of general military training was held in Moscow on Red Square.

That was May 25th. The youth festival was attended by Moscow guys who called themselves the “squad of young communists.” The guys were greeted by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. He said that “and the children growing up of the proletarians should help the revolution” that “the organization of children is the best way to educate the Communards.”