Victory Day as a Symbol of Life

We congratulate you on the victory of the Red Army and the Soviet people over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945!

The Nazi leadership aimed to conquer living space for the German people as dominant over everyone else. According to racial theory, Jews and Gypsies were to be completely destroyed. The remaining peoples of the USSR were subject to be destroyed by hunger, as well as becoming slaves for the conquerors. Now few people are aware of all the horror that the Soviet people had to face. It was a real war of extermination. 1

In the event of the victory of Germany, there was no question of any Latvia – the Reich Commissariat Ostland would be located in these territories. Most of the inhabitants were subject to eviction to the northern territories, a minority – assimilation. Culture, language should have disappeared forever. And no matter how much bourgeois propaganda tries to forget the feat of the soldiers of the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps, who fought for the future of Latvia and its people, we must remember who we owe our lives to.

Why are the processions of SS legionnaires held in Latvia? Why are Ukrainian collaborators glorified in Ukraine? Why is a memorial plaque for the Nazi servant Mannerheim being hung in St. Petersburg, and the Mausoleum is draped in Moscow for the Victory Day parade? Where did the boy Kolya come from when he made a fiery speech in the Reichstag, full of sympathy for the German soldiers “starved to death” in captivity?

These are all links in the same chain. One by one the ruling class attempts to justify fascism. In order to keep the means of production in their hands, and hence the power, the representatives of the ruling class are ready to spit on the grave of the heroes who fell in the Great Patriotic War, who gave them life. After all, if anyone doesn’t know, fascism is the same as capitalism, only it has discarded its “democratic attire” and openly uses terror (i.e. intimidation) to achieve its goals. That is why the capitalist authorities of any country are lukewarm about fascism and have hatred for those who destroyed fascism – the Soviet people and the Soviet Union. Some politicians (as in the Baltic States and Ukraine) can show this warmth openly, others (as in Russia) have to cover it up and justify it.

The people of Latvia should know their true heroes, who fought against fascism for the sake of the lives of future generations. Do not be a traitor to the memory of the brave Latvian soldiers and officers who broke the back of Nazi Germany. As well as soldiers and officers of any other nationality who defeated German fascism.

 1Generalplan Ost.

The surrender of the Germans in Kurland. Newsreel “Soviet Latvia” №5/6. June 1945.