What Does a Deputy Have to Say to Get the Article?

The short answer is that which is contrary to the interests of the ruling class.

“Everyone with flowers should have been let in, and the exit should have been closed. After that they should have installed security towers, toilets, brought porridge and let out only those to whom the Russian embassy bought a one-way ticket – to Moscow!”

This idea was suggested by the national association fascist member of the Saeima, Aleksandrs Kiršteins. It refers to those tens of thousands of Riga residents – Latvians and Russians – who on May 9 and 10 came with flowers to the Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the Nazi invaders.

This year there were especially many Latvians. In addition, for two months now, people have been on duty at the monument at night, in shifts. Latvian residents including ethnic Latvians express their determination to defend the honor of our country’s liberators from Nazi Germany.

So, as we can see, to come quietly with flowers to the monument is incitement of ethnic hatred, but open calls from the rostrum of parliament to organize the genocide of a part of society – this is a manifestation of democratic values.

Allow not forbid

“It is a test for democracy and the rule of law in our country, as well as the loyalty of this group of people, as well as our ability to show that we can act in a civilized way, but there are certain limits that can not be violated,” said Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs before May 9.

He made a similar statement on May 10:

<…The state must show readiness and determination and not allow any violation of laws, actions, pickets, demonstrations, where it is possible to justify the aggression of the Russian Federation. Latvia must demonstrate the power of democracy and law.”

Please note! “Do not allow an action where POSSIBLY justifies Russian aggression.”

It turns out that democracy consists in preventing freedom of speech and assembly if it might lead to expressions of opinion contrary to the official line of government. That is, not “allow any expression and create conditions in which the people will not take it seriously”, but “prohibit any activities that we do not like”. And this is the country’s first diplomat! The conductor of Western democracy. Shame on such a “diplomat”.

Are Russians people or lice?

In May, 2017, Edvīns Šnore, a member of parliament from a party in the government and holder of Latvia’s highest state award, the Order of the Three Stars, published an article in the newspaper “Newspaper of National Alliance” in which he approvingly quoted Ulmanis minister Alfred Bērziņsh speech:

“Once you put a Russian louse in your coat, it’s hard to get it out.” “And indeed, we see that the Russian-speaking people who came in Soviet times, although constantly berating Latvia, they don’t leave this place”.

Article title: “Goal: Latvian Latvia”

This openly fascist statement, which incited ethnic hatred, caused a storm of indignation, but despite protests and statements to the prosecutor’s office, it went unpunished. Šnore was not even deprived of a state award.


So how much filth must a deputy say, how much hate must he sow in society, what kind of law must he break in order to stand on a par with the rest of the citizens of the country and face justice?

It’s very simple. As long as state policy and capital power in Latvia is based on artificially created ethnic hatred, it is allowed and even welcomed to foment it from the rostrum of parliament. As soon as the speaker takes a step to the side and begins to talk about social problems and the coming catastrophe in the economy, he will at least be looked at obliquely. And when he starts to compete with the ruling line, he will be reminded of his dirty deeds. That’s the way it is, the lauded democracy–democratism in word, dictatorship of capital in practice.