Greens: Populism or Idealism?

Recently the Latvian Green Party made an open appeal to President Egils Levits and reproached him for being infinitely far from the people. The Greens urged him to “get out of the cave and realize” that the main part of the country’s population lives in poverty.

And who is this passage for? Most likely for those ordinary people who believe that the “people’s president” should condescend to his subjects and grant justice.

Do you really think that the ruling class and their servants – the deputies of the bourgeois parties, do not know how the working people of Latvia live? Of course they do! After all, the capitalists are getting richer at the expense of the working man! The key to their wealth is our poverty. The development of capitalism is always associated with the impoverishment of a huge part of the population and the enrichment of another part of it. And profit is unpaid labor of a hired worker. The entire economy has been built since 1991 for a minority that is rich at the expense of the majority that is exploited.

Phrases that the president and deputies should be closer to the people are worth nothing! Workers are not masters of their country, despite torch processions and other “attributes”.