Latvia To Dismiss 1500 Railway Workers

This Week’s Events Through Eyes Of Conscious Worker. #8

Riga railroad station “Shkirotava”

I am a hired worker who is forced to sell his ability to work every day. For obvious reasons, the economic policy of this state troubles me deeply. As long as the capitalist class (those who own the means of production) remains in power, your objective quality of life will not improve. Regardless of the narrative pushed by the talking heads, the interest of the workers and capital are always diametrically opposite. Expecting mercy from your exploiters is naïve and plain stupid. And the bourgeois government of Latvia proves us right, time and time again.

Politicians have carefully acknowledged that another economic crisis is coming, but it “will not be as serious as it was in 2009” (nothing special). Yet here we go: the state-owned company (the state acts as a combined capitalist) “Latvijas Dzelzceļš” (Latvian Railroad) has announced that it will fire 1500 employees. Apparently, the decision has been influenced by both economic and political factors. Unfortunately, this will not do any good for those who are about to be laid off. Meanwhile, a new conflict emerges with the Ventspils dock workers who demand the authorities to lift the economic sanctions and unfreeze the bank accounts of all affected transit companies. Your regular worker does not care about the Byzantine power play at the very top. He simply wants work and a fair pay for said work.

Beware of the pickpockets in charge! At the end of 2019 the government has reduced the unemployment benefit receipt period down to 8 months as well as the amount of money received. This means that the state refuses to guarantee the right to work and receive a fair pay (according to the value of your labor). And to top it all off, the state even refuses to support those who have already lost their job. More money for the ruling class!

Workers! If you do not want to be played, pay close attention to news on the economy as well as political events in your country. If you do not have a keen interest in politics, then politics will have a keen interest in you. The recent events have proven this to be true.

Conscious worker

Riga Central Railway Station, June 11, 2006
Exhibit of the Riga branch of the Museum of the History of the Latvian Railway