Loves Me, Loves Me Not…

Let us show you how a single person reflects the essence of all bourgeois parties. His name is Janis Lochmelis…

The deputy of the Riga City Council, a member of the party “Harmony” (Saskaņa) Janis Lochmelis once was outraged by the actions of the mayor of Riga, member of the party “Honor to serve Riga” Oleg Burov and signed a request for his resignation.

Oleg Burov

After some time, Janis Lochmelis fell in love with Oleg Burov again and withdrew his signature from the document.

But soon Janis Lochmelis again stopped loving the mayor and returned his signature for his resignation back.

A few days later, Janis Lochmelis fell in love with Oleg Burov so much that he left his party “Harmony” and joined the Burov’s party “Honor to serve Riga”.

Only a rare Latvian official would not change two or three parties during his political life. This clearly indicates that there can be no essential ideological differences between bourgeois parties. All of them are in favor of maintaining the political system and are only arguing among themselves for a more comfortable place at the state feeder.

Perhaps, dramatic changes in orientation of Janis Lochmelis were a reflection of the struggle to maintain a place on the board of “Rīgas Siltums” corporation. However, it doesn’t matter. Not a single party in the Latvian Parliament reflects the interests of the working people of Latvia. Each of them is a protege of one or another group of local or foreign moneybags.

Janis Lochmelis