Poverty Problem in Latvia

It has become impossible to ignore the widespread problem of poverty in Latvia. Almost every day in the press, on the Internet, TV, news, notes, they report about poverty. “Poverty is at such level in country,” “unemployment in the country,” “old people are doomed to poverty,” “social stratification is becoming more and more common.” Much has been written about the social irresponsibility of the government and the Parliament of Latvia. But even when the effect of this problem is highlighted, the reasons are never or almost never indicated. At best, only some special-case reasons are indicated.

The real problem – which is the source of the plight of the people of Latvia – is the socio-economic system of the state itself – the capitalist system. And it is alsmost impossible to find a single line about this real problem of poverty of the population of Latvia. Moreover, never from the lips of politicians of bourgeois parties serving the interests of the ruling class, you will hear about the fact that really the existing system is a problem for the people.

Regular elections to the bourgeois parliament of Latvia were held in the autumn of 2018. Once again, people made the same mistakes… The elections to the European Parliament showed the same.

“People always have been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be, until they have learned to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises.” This was pointed out by the classic of Marxism – Vladimir Lenin. So where is the way out for those who are really suffering from the current socio-economic system?

The way out for the working class of Latvia is to study the classics of Marxism and rely on it’s own strength. That is, at the place of work it can be the organization of trade unions for the protection of their specific economic interests, the fostering of personal and collective responsibility. The highest form of association of workers is the party of the working class. In contrast to all existing bourgeois parties expressing the interests of certain capital groups, only the party of the working class is the party for the workers and for the workers. The other people oppressed by the current social system – the labor peasants – should also unite around the party of the working class because of its ability to be an organizational element for the entire working people of Latvia.

The Workers’ Front of Latvia is carrying out organizational work to create such a force, and organizes studies of Marxism.

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