USA Lifts Sanctions, Fuel & Tobacco To Rise in Price

Events of Week Through Eyes of Conscious Worker. #4

Sanctions lifted – a brilliant victory of Latvian diplomacy (as stated in the official version). And what really happened? One financial group, with the help of controlled politicians, pushed another group away from the “feeder.” The help was rendered by big overseas “uncles,” who, as you know, were not seen in charity work. What price will be – time will tell, but there is no doubt that they will have to pay back for that.

A similar scenario takes place around Riga City Council and the Port of Riga. Active redistribution of spheres of influence, adoption of conflicting laws and hastily developed amendments to them only indicate that the ruling class cares only for personal gain. The people are left to their own and forced to survive as best as they can. Starting from 2020, fuel and tobacco prices will be increased. And since usually personal transport is a necessity, and not a whim, the consequences will be felt by every car owner… Except for our “servants of the people” who draw from budget money as if from their own pockets.

So far, instead of building schools and hospitals, our bourgeois government buys weapons, instead of developing science, builds monuments of occupation, the future of the country raises many questions. The ruling class personifies the temporary workers, whose motto is: “After us, the flood.”

Conscious worker