Who is Guilty? Voter!

“Well, this is the composition of the Saeima 1 we have chosen, and this is reflected in the government. I will say so – what you sow, you reap,” Mr. Levits said (who does not know, it is the current president of Latvia).

During the election campaign, the ruling class sends us its supporters (loyal servants) to suit all tastes. Everything so that as many people as possible went to the polls and legitimized the current situation in the country with their signatures. Parties, leaders, slogans for all tastes like in a supermarket! But the owner of this store and the customer of the campaign is the ruling class, the bourgeoisie.

“They chose bad deputies – they are to blame! Come next time and choose worthy ones!” – what else can you expect from the servant of capital?

Everything is done so that workers do not have the slightest suspicion that the cause of their disasters is the existing system, not in bad deputies or short-sighted voters. We, the workers, cannot have anything to do with exploiters and their orders.

When the next fighter “for all good” begins to agitate you, ask for the interests of which class he stands. Behind the mask of a “friend of the people” is usually a servant of the bourgeoisie who has set the teeth on edge.

 1Latvian Parliament