Why Aren’t There any Workers in the Latvian Parliament?

Elections to the Latvian Saeima 1 are carried out according to party lists. Political parties nominate candidates. To found a party, you need to collect at least 200 members, as well as go through many bureaucratic procedures. This takes money. To get into the Saeima, you need to run an election campaign, pay PR managers, print and send out flyers, buy time on radio and television. This requires a lot of money. The bourgeoisie has a lot of money. The state, as a collective bourgeois, also gives the parties money from the budget for their activities. But this is not enough, much more is needed. And so our respected politicians, in order to become the “best representatives of the people” and get into the Saeima, indulge in scams, corruption and dark deeds. The deputy of the Riga City Council, a former member of the “For the Development of Latvia” party, Maris Micherevskis, told us about this the other day.

“Servants of the people” come to power already entangled in financial obligations and on the hook with their sponsors, who own compromising evidence on them. Whose interests do they then defend in the Saeima and in the municipalities? The question is rhetorical.

Well, there is no place for workers in this electoral system. They don’t have very big money. They have no time and nothing to stir up dark schemes. Those who feed us, dress us, build housing for us and produce all material wealth, do not fall under the control of the state. Nobody represents their interests in the government. Therefore, their working conditions continue to deteriorate.

Only a mature working class, realized its own interests and hardened in struggle, is able to create a party that can use the parliamentary tribune and raise the voice of the working people over the gathering of bourgeois swindlers and corrupt politicians.

 1Saeima is a parliament in bourgeois Latvia.