The Property You Dreamed Of

240 Riga apartment buildings require urgent repairs. Very soon 300 more houses will join them. Responsibility for the safety of the residents in these buildings is also borne by the individuals who own the apartments.

By allowing the privatization of apartments built during the LSSR period, the bourgeois state made a very strong move. First, it took off part of the cost of maintaining the housing stock and, having established “market prices” for utilities, began to shear the new owners like sheep. Plus, of course, property tax and many other “pleasant” surprises. And, secondly, it has brought up owners in the common people – carriers of petty-bourgeois ideology, who will tremble for their penniless apartment and who can be frightened by communists who will take everything away. Try not to pay your heating, electricity and gas bills though.

We lost state apartments, the maintenance of which any worker could afford, but we received “our own” apartments, which we can lose at any moment. We lost an accessible and extensive public transport network, and got a lot of cars, which the metropolitan countries are happy to drive to us like to a dump.

The ruling class of Latvia, the bourgeoisie, beckoned the inhabitants with this imaginary property like a carrot, and acquired the main property – ownership of the means of production. And since hired workers are forced to sell their labor force daily to the owners of the means of production in order not to die of hunger and cold, and due to this they are constantly robbed, the ownership of an apartment and a car does not change anything at all in the real state of affairs. Those who own plants, factories and state-owned companies will make money on us. Unearned elements, parasites of society.

The state of workers is the only way out of the capitalist swamp.

Conscious worker