Financial Airbags For Beggars

The other day the experts of the usurious Swedbank office dawned on: it suddenly turned out that the overwhelming majority of Latvian workers live from paycheck to paycheck and have no savings.

The media write on this occasion that accidents threaten such people with serious problems. Such articles are aimed not so much at preventing the working people of Latvia from thinking about the reasons for their deplorable situation. They are aimed at getting people to borrow and run to the bank to insure their lives, hoping that with this they will protect themselves and their families in difficult times.

We’ll have to disappoint the naive man in the street. The entire capitalist system is built on exploitation, and its goal is profit. You can insure life, health, create “airbags” for yourself – the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie will always take its toll, and you still have to. Remember that this is not a state of workers, and do not expect the bourgeois class to improve your life.