Inflation or Legalized Robbery?

All of us have long been accustomed to the concept of “inflation”, calmly react to the data of official statistics, the comments of experts. Inflation has become an integral part of our lives. But in fact it is nothing but a direct robbery of workers.

By definition, inflation is an increase in the price of all goods other than labor. Indeed, if all prices (including wages) were raised by the same percentage, no one would notice such an increase, and it would not be called inflation. But inflation is also precisely the increase in prices, not the mystical “growth” that resounds from all the headlines and which, like a natural disaster, seems to happen on its own.

Who raises these prices? – Clearly, those who have the right to set them – the owners of the means of production, the bourgeoisie. None of the capitalists are interested in lowering their profits; within this class there is also a confrontation caused by higher prices in trade transactions between themselves. But in the end, all the burden falls on those who can dispose of the only commodity, their own labor force, that is, the workers. This is because the workers have not yet united enough to raise the price of their own goods together.

Producers, distributors, middlemen, trade capitalists have no problem raising prices to increase their income. How should the working people respond? – By raising the price of their only commodity! This is logical and natural in a capitalist society, which is dominated by the market and the market is a place for bargaining. In order to level the playing field, people have to come together so that the process of trade and commerce can take on a new color. The Labor Law of the Republic of Latvia and other laws provide every opportunity for such unification. This is a battle in which you have already been drawn by the capitalists and in which the working class has every chance of victory, but in which you are still standing with your hands down.

What are most workers doing instead? – Start looking for an extra source of income. Second and third jobs, overtime, weekend work, and more. But I wonder how much more energy a person working in such a frenzied regime will have? After all, the capital will not stop, and the health is not iron.

The bourgeoisie is robbing us, and is already openly telling us about it, while we silently allow it to pick our pockets and take what little we manage to earn by our own labor. We can only count on our own strength, and for capital we are only a source of profit.