New Car Tax

“Servants, you pay us too little taxes – you are digging a hole for yourself!”
(crazy thought of a representative of the bourgeoisie)

The Minister of Railways of Latvia proposed to introduce another new tax. Used car tax. If his proposal is not accepted, the minister believes, this will lead to the impossibility of purchasing new diesel trains, which Latvia is forced to purchase instead of the old ones that have come under sanctions against Russia. As a result, the minister says, the volume of passenger traffic in Vidzeme and Latgale will have to be reduced.

Let us assume that the main buyer of used cars is not the richest person in our country. Most people buy a car to travel to work. And since workplaces are not always located in the immediate vicinity of public transport routes, and working hours are irregular, the presence of any car is already a vital necessity and serves as a guarantee that a working person will get home after work. Schools and kindergartens are also not always close to home. A car is not a luxury, and is no longer only a means of transportation, but also a necessity.

We are told that by refusing to pay the new tax, we ourselves are reducing the volume of passenger traffic. Not only do we keep the parasites who exploit us, but they also claim that we pay little taxes. What are the impudent ones.

What do the people need? An affordable and extensive network of public transport, the development of production and agriculture in the regions, which will bring both jobs and the corresponding infrastructure. The bourgeois state does not need this. But for the state of workers it will be one of the main and priority tasks.

Plan of Riga Underground (Metro)
Plan of Riga Underground (Metro)