So Who Owes Whom

Banks are owned by capitalists, who need only more profit besides profit. And with the help of an obedient government, all the necessary decisions will be made (do not hesitate) to achieve the set goals. The workers again remain at a broken trough. If only they themselves wish to continue living under capitalism…

You can put your money into your bank accounts for free. As long as the money is in the account, banks put it into circulation and earn. However, if the customer wants to take their money from the account, you already have to pay for it, and more and more.

Here is a clear example of how the working people, whether they want it or not, are obliged to support those who rob them. And they are obliged in accordance with the norms of law (and law is the will of the ruling class raised into law).

Commissions for bank transfers, withdrawals (not to mention loans and mortgages) – and all by law. And every day you are accustomed to the fact that everything should be so, that this is how the whole civilized world lives.