Workers’ Front of Latvia on Dissolution of Parliament

Fair indignation of the people of Latvia about the openly antisocial actions of the current Parliament, the ignorance by the deputies of their election promises and event their direct violations of the laws of the Republic of Latvia has been expressed in the demand for the dissolution of the 13th Parliament (Saeima).

The desire of the people to at least somehow annoy the servants of the ruling class who have completely lost their conscience can be understood, however, the dissolution of the old Parliament and the election of the new Parliament alone will not solve the problems of the working people of Latvia. None of the current political parties expresses the fundamental interests of the workers. From the speckled deck of cards of Latvian politicians, the same people and similar persons will get into the new Parliament. The ruling class of the bourgeoisie will continue to pursue its own interests of personal enrichment. These interests are diametrically opposed to the interests of employees – the majority of the people of Latvia. Therefore, even the appearance of new people in the upper echelons of power will be only a tactical maneuver in order to continue to rule the country in their favor, driving the national economy into stagnation and degradation, dooming the population to live at home or emigrate abroad.

On the other hand, the very process of recalling and new elections activates the country’s social life and promotes the political maturation of the working class. The working people will once again be convinced that the shuffling of politicians in the existing system of social relations does not change anything in its essence. One can achieve one’s interests only through persistent joint struggle. This is confirmed by the collective actions of medical workers, that force authorities to react.

Latvia is not a handful of politicians fighting for a seat at the feeding trough!
Latvia is its working people!

There are no supreme saviours
Neither God, nor Caesar, nor tribune.
Producers, let us save ourselves,
Decree the common salvation.

Workers’ Front of Latvia