About Elections and True Democracy

It is wonderful to live in modern Latvia, during the period of bourgeois democracy and multi-party system. In the political arena there are many different parties and associations for every taste: liberals and conservatives, nationalists and centrists, and many others. And there is even a Socialist Party! Choose who you want from candidates for deputies, and they will provide you with a bright future.

If you read my articles, you understand that all these parties serve the interests of the ruling class – the bourgeoisie. Regardless of the name, any political union going to the elections today, represents an exploiting minority. And the matter is not in the name, but in the program and actions. If a party with the proud name “Socialist” calls for a vote for the bourgeois party “Saskaņa”, then should a working person trust such people?

And now about the election promises. The following should be remembered: all material wealth is created by the labor of working men. During his work for the owner of the means of production, any hired worker fulfills his salary, taxes, and, of course, makes a profit for the owner. In that way, we, the working people, fill the state budget money. What do we receive in gratitude from the ruling class? Promises not to raise taxes or patch up holes in the roads? Raise the minimum wage and give some more money to doctors and teachers? Sounds funny, right?

With the help of self-organization, the working people, who make up the majority of the population of any country, are able to make decisions in the fields of economics, science, medicine, and education. If schools and hospitals are needed, they will be built! We need teachers and doctors for schools and hospitals – they will be trained and provided with everything you need! No handouts from the bourgeoisie, but on their own. After all, if the country’s economy is subject to a single plan and operates as one large plant, then, accordingly, it is easier to distribute labor and resources to achieve maximum results. And this will be true democracy, as the power of the working majority.

According to statistics, more than 80% of people in the world go to hated work and are doing things that they don’t like. A man does not see the point in labor, since the result of his labor is alienated by the owner of the means of production. And it is completely different in case you work for a society that in the same way works for you. When the common labour brings to life new kindergartens, schools, holiday houses. Working time decreases and more time is left for the family, your self-development, and the well-being of the people grows; with such a structure of society, there are no crises and unemployment, which under capitalism are inevitable.

Bourgeois democracy is just the appearance of a choice that the ruling class has made for you a long time ago. They are expecting from you that you humbly put your signature, and thereby admit that you agree to continue oppression and exploitation.

Conscious worker