About the Proper Capitalism

There are rumors, that somewhere on Earth there is it – the right capitalism. And life there is if not like a fairy tale, then only in little things differs from the ideal world. There’s no unemployment and poverty, no homeless people and no deprived of medical care. All businessmen are socially responsible and do not exploit hired workers, and the latter do not organize into trade unions and do not strike.

Where is this place on the planet?

It’s no secret even for the philistine that capitalist countries differ in living standards. Norway and Bangladesh, Germany and Haiti, Canada and Hungary. In all these countries is capitalism, but it is different. What is the reason for this? Historically, capitalism, as a socio-economic formation, developed unevenly. By the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, leading industrial states with a developed economy were formed, ahead of many other countries in terms of development. With the help of economic, political and military pressure, these leaders of the capitalist world were able to subjugate many other, weaker states. Using cheap labor, taking control of land and subsoil, they began to pump out all the profits from the semi-colonial countries to maintain a high standard of living for their own population. After all, as the famous British politician Cecil Rhodes said, “empire is a matter of the stomach. If you do not want a civil war” (can be understood as revolution), “then you must become imperialists.”

But even in the well-fed countries of capital there is a class struggle.

Strikes in the Finland, Canada, Germany and even in the USA. “Yellow vests” in France do not cease. The workers’ demands are still purely economic, they are fighting for their objective interests – improving working conditions and raising wages. The media serving the interests of the ruling class will never write about this, because from the point of view of bourgeois ideology, there is a state, a nation, a religion, and there are no classes, and, especially, a class struggle.

In the capitalist world, our country has been assigned the role of a source of cheap labor and territory for the sale of expensive and at the same time low-quality goods. I mean, they do bring us primarily the most sloppy goods, starting with confectionery fakes1 and used cars and ending with broken tanks (all this is much more expensive here), and our people go abroad, where most labor immigrants expect the role of laborers-outcasters who do not speak the local language.

Like many others, capitalist Latvia will create better living conditions for others, but not for itself. This will be strictly monitored by the local bourgeois government, which is interested only in personal enrichment. So all the talk about “right capitalism” is imposed so that you do not look for the real cause of what is happening in the world, but simply believe in a beautiful fairy tale. And “a beautiful fairy tale,” they call socialism.

1 The quality of foodstuffs delivered to Eastern Europe is noticeably worse than the quality of those products sold in Western Europe under the same brands. Having considered this case, the European Commission sided with the manufacturers (see for example article on bb.lv, in Russian).