Anniversary of Latvian Statehood in 1917

Congratulations on the anniversary of the beginning of Latvian statehood, the day of adoption of the declaration of self-determination by Iskolat!

102 years ago, on December 24, 1917 (January 6, 1918 in a new style) in the city of Valka, the Executive Committee of the Latvian Council of Workers, Soldiers and Landless Deputies (Iskolat) adopted the declaration of self-determination of Latvia.

A year later, on December 17, 1918, the Manifesto of the Provisional Workers and Peasants Government of Peteris Stuchka on the establishment of Soviet power was published.

December 22, 1918, V. Lenin signed Decree of the Council of People’s Commissars on the recognition of the independence of the Soviet Republic of Latvia.

“The Russian Soviet Government,” the decree says, “recognizes the independence of the Soviet Republic of Latvia. As the supreme power of Latvia, the Russian Soviet Government recognizes the power of the Soviets of Latvia, but before the Congress of Soviets – the power of the Government of the Workers, Landless and Riflemen of Latvia, headed by comrade Stuchka.” The Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR ordered all military and civil authorities to render all possible assistance to the Soviet Government of Latvia and its troops in the struggle for the liberation of Latvia.

On January 13, 1919, the Latvian Socialist Soviet Republic was proclaimed in Riga.

Unfortunately, under the pressure of the bourgeoisie and intervention, because of which also Soviet Russia could not help the Latvian comrades, the Soviet power in Latvia did not exist for long.