Are Fools Guilty Again?

On one of the news portals of the Latvian Internet appeared an article, which raised the following issue:

“Will there be enough fools in the next elections to vote for these Reirs, Karins and other political degenerates and political thugs?”.

In front of us is a clear example of an idealistic worldview: “Bad and stupid ministers do not let people live in Latvia”. In the next elections, the voter will be smarter and will not allow these crooks to come to power…

What could be more naive than this common thought? Except that the hope that the employer on their own will start to pay you the salary as it should be – on the basis of the cost of the labor-power commodity… and will shorten your working hours while maintaining your salary so that you can spend more time with your family and develop yourself.

Never before in human history none of the most bourgeois-democratic elections brought to power people who would represent the interests of the all people, the working majority, the opposite class.

Isn’t it enough to make a simple historical and materialistic conclusion and stop hoping for this bourgeois circus? on the basis of

Ministers and deputies are servants. But not servants of the people, but servants of the ruling class, the bourgeoisie. And regardless of their appearance, character or other subjective factors, one thing remains objective in them – service to capital for the exploitation of the country’s working population. And the more the state angers you, the more a lingering groan comes from your heart: “This is not a state at all! It’s a disgrace…” – you know – the better it performs its true function.