Billionaire Predicts Revolutions

Recently, the media published the earnings of state managers from Latvijas gaze (it is impossible to call such sums salaries). How many outraged comments appeared under this article! Strange, one might think that this was a revelation for the ordinary people. Tax declarations of government officials are publicly available – check it out. And you may discover a lot of surprises for yourself.

Capitalism, which most of us have been trying to revive for 30 years, is not at all about equality and unification, but about stratification, not only social, but also economic. And stratification occurs both within any capitalist country and throughout the capitalist world as a whole: the rich minority and the poor majority, the imperialist center and the plundered periphery.

So compare, for example, the income of the head of Latvijas pasts and post office workers, Air Baltic managers and airport workers. The Prime Minister and the President “unexpectedly” got rich in their positions, and the deputies have gone into business after their term in office? Do not be surprised, because this is natural for bourgeois democracy, which is only a form of the dictatorship of the capitalists.

Another expert suddenly noticed that so-called “products for the poor” have appeared and the economic gap between the strata of Latvia’s population is widening. Again, there should be no surprise – this is a pattern. Food for the poor, neighborhoods for the poor, schools and hospitals for the poor – the reality of “developed capitalism” that they forgot to tell us about in the late 1980s.

Billionaire Ray Dalio (who predicted a global economic crisis in 2018), promises revolutions and civil wars as capitalism further increases inequality in the world. “Capitalism must go through a series of structural transformations in order, as an effective economic system, to start bringing prosperity to the majority of people… The history that you remember well in Russia resembles the one that is now happening in many other countries.”

The natural and scientifically correct transformation of capitalism will be its transition to the next socio-economic formation, which will be able to destroy the division of society into classes, and then any remnants of class differences, to ensure full well-being and free all-round development of all members of society.