CPH Comission & Election Race

This Week’s Events Through Eyes Of Conscious Worker. #10

Karl Marx

After nine months of work, the Parliamentary Investigation Commission on CPH 1 concluded that political responsibility falls jointly and severally with all officials involved in the creation of this system. And the head of the commission said that it is possible that the perpetrators of this fraud will be prosecuted.

What really awaits us? Political responsibility for those who rob their own people does not mean anything! After so many unfulfilled promises, one more or one less… After all, the philistine, as a rule, has bad memory for evil and will again vote for the “a good man and ardent patriot”. As for criminal responsibility, jurisprudence is but the will of the ruling class made into a law for all 2. And the bourgeois court is completely subordinate to this will, not justice.

The pre-election turmoil continues. Bourgeois parties attract prominent personalities to cooperation, who, by their authority, should help lure naive townsfolk to the polls. “Honor to serve Riga” attracted a former footbal player and acting actor. Who are these media personalities going to lure? Sports lovers and theatergoers? But let me doubt that all these unconditionally talented people will defend the interests of the working class in the ranks of this political association.

“Latvian parties” are trying to unite in order to do what was asked of them (parties) for years. Who asked and for what? “Russian Union of Latvia” will also participate. Again, a national card is played out, moving away from fundamental, class interests. And they will agitate for some so that others do not win. Less “radical” parties will urge to vote for themselves, because they are for “all good”. Wait for the slogans: “We are together, we can, we just need to unite and everything will work out!”

There is no need for hired workers to unite with bourgeois parties!

They want to use us to achieve their political goals – so let’s be smarter. It is time to become conscious workers. And without theoretical knowledge, it will not be easy. By studying Marxism, you can fill in the gaps in knowledge about the political and economic structure of society, realize your class interests, and understand that the movement towards a classless society is a conditional pattern, not a utopia (as bourgeois philosophers who are completely powerless before the teachings of Karl Marx claim).

Get in touch, study the science of society.

Conscious worker

 1Mandatory procurement component (of electricity) is a mechanism established in Latvia to support electricity producers.

 2K. Marx. F.Engles. Manifesto of the Communist Party. II. Proletarians and Communists.