How Latgale Workers Live

I’m a little over 30, I’m one of those people who didn’t make much money with higher education. I’ve been working in the mining industry for just under 10 years, and I have a lot to share.

Conditions of work

The working schedule depends on the owner’s wishlist. And here we must consider that the work is seasonal. In high season we work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, and in winter there is little work, and the salary is greatly reduced. The salary is hourly, however, there is no special tariff for 12 hours of work on Saturday or a holiday.

In addition, the outdated twenty-year-old equipment, which was not new from the beginning, has worked itself out almost completely. At the same time, the owner avoids unnecessary costs for timely repair. This applies to both key parts and details. Of course, the administration does not welcome the employees’ opinion on this issue.


My work is directly related to the quality of roads in the country. And only the blind man will not see any spitting attitude to roads in our country, will not note the “literate distribution” of the funds allocated for this from the budget. The quality of work is of insignificant importance, which is why holes appear on the asphalt only in a year, and sometimes even earlier.


Relatively recently, about a year ago, I got acquainted with the basics of Marxist theory. And I must say that this knowledge opens your eyes! It becomes clear that the proletarians, as a class, deserve more, because all the work falls on their shoulders, and all the benefits flow into the hands of the bourgeoisie. And our task is to help the proletariat realize itself as a class, and no matter how trite it may sound, UNITE!

First of all, unite ideologically. Nobody persuades you to blindly believe in Marxism as a cure for all ills, you can independently familiarize yourself with this theory and choose your own path.

Secondly, you need to adhere to people with similar views. And here the Labor Front of Latvia will not refuse you. More experienced comrades will always help you with advice.

In any case, no one has the right to forbid you to follow the page!

Latgalian proletarian