It’s Time to Pay the Bills

There is a heated discussion of the new utility bills in social networks. People from all over the country name amounts that would make a normal person’s hair stand on end. Writing in the vast majority are those who live only by selling their ability to work – hired employees – and absolutely everyone has received such a “gift”: Russians and Latvians, those who voted for “Consent” and for “Unity” as well as those who never went to elections. It once again clearly shows the class nature of any state – the bourgeoisie that dominates our land can only pay lip service to the “nation’s unity” and its importance. In reality, all that matters to it is profit and power and nothing else.

So, let’s take it in order. The common excuse from the government was that the state cannot influence world prices, and that is why everything is so bad. But let. Politics and economics are two parts of the same chain, any school kid knows that (although with today’s education it is less likely). Was the Latvian foreign policy from the first years of independence pragmatic, consistent, flexible enough to establish mutually beneficial economic ties with all neighbors? After all any question should be considered in development and not only in its “ready form”. A striking example is the recently finally destroyed Latvian transit industry. It was in the interests of the country to save this industry. But the interests of reactionary capitalists have come to the fore. Presidents and prime ministers changed, but the ruling class pursued its own, comprador (i.e. detached from Latvia) policy, which allowed it to enrich itself while worsening the lives of workers. This is also confirmed by the official statistics, which we recently cited.

Okay, the state admits its weakness and helplessness, it is not able to influence world prices. But who prevents us from leaving prices for domestic consumers at the old level? This is achieved by state regulation of prices at the expense of the budget. What about raising prices for big business and leaving everything as it is for residents? No, the entire burden of higher prices was placed on the shoulders of the people, who by their own labor feed themselves, their employees and Mr. Ministers, smartly talking about the beautiful future of the people.

If the West is with us and we are as important to the West as the ruling politicians assure us, then let them give us fuel for the winter or build a couple of nuclear power plants so that we no longer need foreign energy. But instead, the Baltic representatives are asking for more NATO soldiers to be sent as soon as possible. Wonder who it’s for? Officially – for protection from Russia, but who else believes in this nonsense? Or maybe NATO is just one of the instruments of profit-making and a symbol of subordination to the USA?

The country must have economic independence. If it does not, it is naive to speak of any independence. Today Latvia and its people are like an unemployed person, who has nothing to pay for his apartment, food, medical treatment… Can it be called real freedom?

Comrade workers, only through joint efforts and actions can you achieve a better life for yourselves and your loved ones. Let us repeat – the legislation of the bourgeois-democratic republic provides effective means for such a struggle. And drawing up a collective bargaining agreement at your enterprise is a very important step in this endeavor.