Media is Writing About the Wrong Thing

Recently, almost all Latvian news fits into the following two groups:

  1. Everything in Russia is bad, the whole world is against it, and soon it will face military defeat and economic collapse.
  2. We need to tear down the monument, and then life will be beautiful.

Let’s look at some other news that is slipping through our “fair and democratic” media. I believe they will be much closer to the working people of Latvia.


The head of Rīgas Siltums advises the population to save money for heating. That’s how the ruling class prepares the vast majority of Latvians for a hard winter, straight away and unvarnished. To say that we used to live rich and “of course, we can pay for heat without any problems” would be untrue. Why put it off when the bourgeoisie raises prices and is in no hurry to raise wages after them? Even if something was put off, next winter it will all literally “go down the drain. Ministers, bureaucrats and others don’t care about prices, because they don’t live off their labor, they are fed by the population.


On top of the crazy price increases comes the high risk of unemployment. And then the ruling class proposes to increase the probationary period from three to six months. Why this all of a sudden and whose interests should such a law protect? The employees or the owners of the means of production? Is there a force that will put the arrogant capitalists in their place – for example, trade unions, workers who care about their future and the future of their children?


The state also treats pensioners in a democratic way. Back in 2020, more than 50% of pensioners were at risk of poverty. What can we say about the current situation and the upcoming heating season?

Who is to blame and what to do?

You can beat your chest and blame the international situation for everything. But who prevented the ruling class from creating an alternative to energy supplies from Russia in 30 years of market economy? Minister Pabriks suggested building a nuclear power plant – yes, we’ll take a shovel and dig it out. And we can train specialists in two days. Although for some philistines this plan will do.

That it will be hard is certain. Big capital in the U.S., Western Europe and Russia are figuring things out, and the workers of these countries and adjacent regions are feeling everything for themselves. As the saying goes, the patsies are fighting, and the villeins are cracking their chops. The power of capital no longer brings freedom to the people, it brings misery.