News From «Successful» Estonia

There is an opinion among Latvians and Lithuanians that life in Estonia is much better than in these countries. The supposedly experienced and successful “businessmen” together with an experienced government do much better there. What do Estonians themselves think of this?

Responding to one of our calls, a worker from Estonia contacted us to tell us about the current situation of the fraternal people. We give him the floor:

“I am from Tallinn, Estonia, and I would like to share with you information about the situation of the working class in the Republic of Estonia. I’ll make a reservation right away that this is my subjective opinion, and not the ultimate truth.

In general, I am currently working in the first DEPO store that has opened in Tallinn and I never cease to be surprised every working day.

Let’s start with the way we opened and built: first of all, it is worth noting the complete absence of safety at the facility as such, the norm were such things as electric shocks, for example, one employee was hit when he tried to remove the wire that interfered with him, breakdowns of fire hydrants, floods: one insane colleague drove over with a forklift, the lack of normal ventilation as such. I had to breathe dust and garbage for a whole day. There was a banal lack of helmets and gloves, tools and materials too, and this is in the construction store! As it turned out, it was only the beginning of hell on earth.

Now about what began after an unexpected and late for 4 (!) months of opening, which was accompanied by a scandal with the head of the Tallinn City Fire Safety Control. According to rumors, they gave a bribe almost to the city council and everything was settled.

Flowers turned into berries, when women were forced to carry boxes of 50 kg. Try to refuse! There is no product, but you hang in there, take samples and sell, and we’ll bring you… someday. Re-grading and wrong prices are the norm, we look for the goods for two days (!), customers tear off samples with price tags and go to the checkout. The authorities refused to give out masks, they say, take yours from the house, etc. There is no end.

We encourage Estonian workers to get in touch with us! We will help you organize yourself together with your friends from your country and help you with your experience. Email: [email protected]