News of the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie

Mass media report: “An estimated one million Latvians may actually become insolvent this autumn.” This is a perfect illustration of the anti-people policy of the government. We have no other, softer expressions about what is happening in Latvia. But we want to remind that all this started not yesterday and not the day before yesterday, but at the moment of restoration of capitalism, at the moment of refusal of construction of the progressive state and rollback to the world of exploitation and inequality.

A million is more than half of Latvia’s population of 1.8 million! But, to all appearances, for the ruling class, the forecasts of the final impoverishment of the population are not a problem yet. They hope for Europe, for the U.S. and for new debts of millions. But the Western masters, too, are not doing so brilliantly – in critical situations, “self loves itself best” (just think of the epidemic). Who can the workers rely on in these difficult times?

Inflation in Latvia has reached 16.9% per year, and the Baltic states are leaders in this indicator among EU countries. Not only are we the poorest, if not the poorest, in the EU, but we are also being ripped off by inflation. Inflation is the price of all goods, except labor. And as always, all the experts and the government throw up their hands, saying that it’s impossible to fight inflation, so just put up with it and pay in silence.

What will people do?

One Latvian bank conducted a survey, which showed that 44% of residents are ready to save on whatever they can and can not, to survive the heating season. They are ready to look for a second job or a part-time job, just to survive in this difficult time. The question is: why all of a sudden? The bourgeoisie really strangles us with prices, forcing us to work more hours so as not to lose their profits! And we, the workers, what do we get out of it? Are we willing to work 12 or 14 hours to make ends meet, are we willing to eat less and less quality food, deny ourselves rest and medical care, and deny our children time with their families?

Let the bourgeoisie splurge and start compensating for rising prices. How? – By raising wages! Workers do not participate at all in capitalist “squabbles”, but for some reason must bear the entire burden of trade and sanctions wars. This injustice must end! Unite in trade unions and demand higher wages to improve living standards.