Report on Newspaper Distribution at the Riga Electric Machine Building Plant

Riga. August 22, 2022 06:30-07:45 200 newspapers “Workers’ struggle” (No. 2) were handed out at the Riga Electric Machine Building Plant. Despite the rain, the workers took the newspaper willingly, many thanked. Some asked for several newspapers. One man recognized in our newspaper the successor of “Cīņa” (“Struggle”, the central press organ of the LSDWP). The security guard who was on duty at the plant, 15 minutes after the start of the distribution, came out and also asked for a newspaper. No one interfered with the distribution.

Workers often asked about the content of the newspaper. When they found out that it contained articles on labor legislation and trade union activities, they found it very useful. Some workers expressed their indignation at the elections, their uselessness, and sighed with relief when they heard that there was nothing in the newspaper about the elections. Some looked with surprise at V. I. Lenin depicted on the first page.

The members of the WFL distributing the newspaper evaluate the distribution as successful and once again emphasize the correctness of the decision to organize systematic work on the distribution of newspapers in order to create and strengthen ties with the working class.

Comrades Fjodorov, Gorshkov, Voronovich, Nesterenko