Resolution on WFL Studies

adopted by the II WFL Congress on March 13, 2021

Considering the study, dissemination and popularization of Marxism-Le­ni­nism one of the most important tasks of the organization and emphasizing the main form of study – independent study of the works of the classics, for the exchange of experience, coordination of training and mutual assistance, WFL organizes classes of the Riga Marxist circle in Russian and Latvian languages, a significant number of WFL members study at the Red University of the Working Academy Foundation. Addi­tio­nal­ly, there are classes of the Riga circle of lovers of Hegelian dialectics and the Riga circle of Marx’s “Capital,” the Lenin Marathon (reading V. I. Lenin’s Collected Works), seminars on questions from the Red University, additional seminars and discussions on any works of the classics of Marxism, relevant theoretical questions. In all classes, you can participate remotely from anywhere in the world. Lesson materials are posted on the Internet to provide the masses with access to materials on Marxism-Leninism.

The Congress considers that each member of the organization is obliged to either attend the classes of the Riga Marxist circle, or study at the Red University, submitting all work on time and participating in WFL seminars on RU questions. The secretaries of the primary organisations and their deputies keep a record of visits to the Riga Marxist circle, noting in the absence of a comrade whether there is a valid reason. In June–July of each year, primary organisation and then the Council summarizes the results of the training. Attendance at additional classes is encouraged. Each member of the organization also independently studies the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hegel’s “Science of Logic,” consulting with comrades if necessary.