Rising storm in Riga City Council

This Week’s Events Through Eyes Of Conscious Worker. #9

At long last! “The incorruptible forces of true patriotism” have finally managed to dethrone the “Kremlin coalition.” What do I mean by this? Obviously, we are talking about the disbandment of the Riga City Council and the subsequent snap elections. Will the salaried workers somehow benefit from all this? It is really naïve to think that a party of the working class can miraculously win the elections in a bourgeois state. At least try not to fool myself with false hopes. The result of the elections will be the same anyway. We will just watch a handful of parties fighting each other for a place under the sun. Parties that promise to do good things and undo the bad ones. Sounds like a broken record. And the very parties are already drafting their first coalition agreements (in other words, who they are going to team up against). Politicians hop from one movement to another and change allegiance on a whim. All this hassle just to get a well-paid government position. And this alone means that one can say and anything just to get there.

The election campaign for the mayor’s seat is now in full swing. Look, what a nice candidate. A patriotic entrepreneur who proudly served in the army. A true man of the people. A silent workhorse that will drain the swamp and “restart Riga.” What else could you even ask for?

Keep in mind that every single bourgeois party will exercise the will of the ruling class! Laws and the executive branch of the government ensure that the bourgeoisie can effortlessly exploit and oppress the working majority, thus forcing the latter to serve the interests of a tiny minority.

Meanwhile, both Riga and Ventspils ports have experienced a severe drop in cargo turnover. What will happen to those employed there? Every capitalist (and the Latvian state can be viewed as a collective capitalist) has to continuously develop the production of goods and increase his own capital. However, we now see that the opposite is true.

You should not trust these “responsible managers” and “true patriots” on capitalist payroll. By contrast, safeguarding the objective interests of the working majority is the main goal set by the proletarian party. This includes living wages (that truly reflect your needs), fully paid sick leave as well as free education and health care. Things that will objectively improve both your own life and the lives of your friends and relatives. Workers should not fight for the bourgeoisie that robs and exploits them. Workers should only fight for their own interests.

Conscious worker

Oleg Burov, former chairman of the board of Freeport of Riga, ousted mayor of Riga