State and Electricity

The people of our country have long and continually experienced price increases by the big capitalists. We are warned that this is far from over. And it would be all right if wages were to rise as they would like, but, alas, they are not. So what do the hired managers of the ruling class – the government – tell us about rising electricity prices?

“Energy prices are rising all over Europe, and the ministry has no way to prevent the rise in prices…” and then again: “Latvia has enough resources to produce electricity… There is no reason to worry about a shortage of resources or a potential crisis situation right now.

What a turnaround! Latvia has enough resources to produce electricity, but we will still raise prices. The bourgeoisie cannot afford not to raise them. Latvia has a place in the market economy system, and that place is a country that is robbed and dependent on most countries. Dreams of “Scandinavian happiness” can be forgotten or left for the deputies for the pre-election period.

Can the state take control of the price of electricity, gas, utilities, and food? Undoubtedly, yes, because the state is an apparatus of violence and coercion, but in the hands of the ruling class! Not so long ago there was a state where prices were not raised, but systematically lowered, and all attempts to violate these rules were punished. True, the difference was that the ruling class in such a state was not the bourgeoisie…

Businesses, foreign and local, want profits at any cost. So they raise the price of everything from food to electricity. The only way workers can do anything about this is by working together. For example, through the collective action described in the Labor Code.

If you are not interested in politics, it is bound to be interested in you. Through uncertainty about your future, through price increases, through fear of losing your job and your home. Start being interested now and don’t let the bourgeoisie fool you!

An idea that has taken hold of the masses becomes a material force.