To All Working People!


The Workers’ Front of Latvia would like to address the working people of the world. We address all those who produce items that we depend on every day. Those who build, toil behind a workbench or a conveyor belt, drive delivery vans or simply help customers in a supermarket. We address those who are preyed upon by the billionaires, exploited by the ruthless bourgeoisie and tricked by cunning politicians. Those who are divided and pitted against each other based on their ethnicity or lineage. Those who are forced to pay an arm and a leg for basic medical services, education, lodging, food and every piece of product or service. Those who are robbed of their well-being and hope for a better future.

We would like to wish you the most important thing there is. But we will not recite the same bland hypocritical promises used by the bourgeoisie politicians. Santa Claus grants wishes in children’s carols. Only the workers can set themselves free from oppression, get rid of the ruling parasites and conquer the right for a better life. However, for any struggle to succeed we need unity. Remember, that our strength comes in numbers: the workers are many, but the parasites are few. The leeching minority has used its vast capital to achieve unity and usurp the state for its own nefarious needs.

That is why we wish you strength and a will to unite, we wish you to fight for your core interests as a unified force. When the majority of working class unites, it will reach its end goal and finally build a truly free society, the society of labour and international friendship, the society without the exploitation of man by man.

Let the coming 2020 be the year of unification! Unite in trade unions, create your own workers’ councils (Soviets), join the Workers’ Front of Latvia! Together, we will achieve the rest.

Happy New Year, dear comrades!

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