Video: The UN has banned the destruction of the monument in Victory Park

Greetings, last week we received a decision from the UN Human Rights Committee to ban the demolition of the monument in Victory Park.

It is important to understand that a democratic debate should focus on the essence of the matter, not on personalities. And both sides should be given the opportunity to express their opinions. For example, many journalists focus on my personality. But my personality has absolutely nothing to do with it. People write that I am not a lawyer in Lithuania. Yes, I am a lawyer in Russia. So what? The main question here: is the monument part of the Russian ethnic culture? If so, Latvia will have to restore it.

The [Latvian] Foreign Ministry says that the UN decision is not binding. That it is a recommendation. Liars! Liars! Let me read the UN interpretation of paragraph 5 of Bradshaw v. Barbados.

By ratifying the covenant and the optional protocol Barbados has undertaken to fulfil its obligations (its obligations!).

Thereunder at has recognized the committee’s competence (recognized the committee’s competence!) to receive and consider communications from individual subject to its jurisdiction, who claimed to be victims of violation by the state party of any of the rights set forth in the covenant.

To this extend, it is an obligation of the state party (an obligation of the state party!) to adopt appropriate measures to legal effect to the views (legal effect to the views!) of the committee as to the interpretation and application of the covenant.

This includes the committee’s view under rule 94 of the rules of procedure on the desirability of the interim measures of protection to avoid irreparable damage to the victims of the alleged violations.

The [Latvian] Ministry of Foreign Affairs is lying! The UN Human Rights Committee is an international court that accepts complaints if you have lost your case in Latvian courts. The time limit is 5 years from the last Latvian court decision. You cannot appeal directly to the UN Human Rights Committee. You must first apply to the Latvian courts. If you have lost in Latvian courts, you have 5 years to appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee. If you have lost in the European Court of Human Rights, the time limit is 3 years.

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