Who Is the Boss, Or How the Prime Minister Was Put In His Place

“The state cannot support entrepreneurs forever”
Prime Minister of Latvia K. Karinsh

The essence of any state is the dictatorship of the ruling class. We remind you that in Latvia this class is the bourgeoisie, and not “society”, “people”, “citizens and non-citizens”, etc. The prime ministers and presidents hired as managers are only performers, figures endowed with independence only within the limits of what is permitted. Allowed by whom? – That’s right, the ruling class.

And then the embarrassment happened. The manager forgot his place and “snapped” at the owners. Whether he did it out of stupidity or courage, we’ll never know. But it was done.

Mr. Karinsh stated that the “state can’t support entrepreneurs forever,” and the response from the capitalists’ “trade union” wasn’t long in coming. The Prime Minister was reminded of bourgeois truths that “…money in the state budget comes not from nowhere, it comes from business, mainly from exporting companies… Entrepreneurs working in the domestic market also create jobs, goods, services and therefore money”, and offered to apologize. And the apology was not long in coming.

We do not serve the interests of the bourgeoisie, so we have something to say about this little quarrel.

Who is really keeping whom?

The state and all its authorities (including financial authorities) are directly or indirectly controlled by the same ruling class. It is the common treasury of the bourgeoisie. But, of course, not all of its representatives, but only the most powerful and influential groups at the moment. This arrangement of forces is typical not only for Latvia, but for any bourgeois-democratic republic and even for fascist states.

The seeming unity of capitalists is mired in a multitude of contradictions (which the working class must finally begin to use). During periods of calm between crises, business does not need government help to suck the profits out of the workers, but when the fall begins, the first thing the big companies do is run for help. And the state helps them, at the expense of the budget. The notorious small businesses is missing one’s chance and are left to their own devices.

And now about who really feeds whom. It is no mystery to anyone familiar with Marxism that the source of the capitalist’s wealth is the unpaid labor of the wage-earners. Not some entrepreneurial talent, but labor. Labor in the course of which man creates useful things. And so, having appropriated surplus value (profit), the businessman pays taxes to the budget.

As a result of the counterrevolution, the public means of production have passed into private hands, and the robed workers are forced to sell the only thing they have left, their ability to work, to the owners of factories, newspapers, and steamships.

We, the working class, are completely ignored by the ruling class. We produce, service, build, transport, and yet it’s as if we don’t exist. They only think of us when election time approaches, that no-win lottery for working people.

Once again, we urge you to study Marxism, and you will never fall for bourgeois verbiage and outright lies again.