Workers’ Front of Latvia 3nd Congress

3nd Congress WFL Announcement

On November 20, 2021, the 3nd Congress of the Latvian Workers’ Front took place.

The Congress heard the report of the WFL Council and, based on the results of the discussions, recognized the work of the Council over the past period as generally satisfactory. The Congress decided to consider the main task of the WFL at the present stage to be organizational strengthening, the establishment of strict control over the unswerving implementation of all decisions. The report of the Audit Commission was heard and approved.

The III Congress adopted the WFL Programme.

The Congress elected three coordinators and a three-member Audit Commission.

Editorial Board was established under the WFL Council, whose tasks include monitoring all publications on the WFL’s official resources and resolving ideological issues within the organization.

The congress decided to oblige each primary organization to organize the distribution of propaganda materials at the entrance enterprises and to report this to the Council before the next congress.