Captain Obvious

It dawned on Prime Minister Kariņš: “…Poverty prevails in countries where industry is not developed, while the welfare of countries with developed industry, technology and exports grows. This truth came to the Prime Minister’s head in his recent report to the Saeima.

Those who listened attentively to Kariņš may have a reasonable question: “What, in fact, has the ruling class been doing all these 30 years? The answer is obvious: it has been engaged in deindustrialization, purposefully driving people into poverty. Under the guise of fighting the past, most of Latvia’s businesses were destroyed, along with the system of training skilled personnel. Simultaneously with this process from high rostrums promised “the Scandinavian happiness” – “life as in Sweden”.

Because our country is floundering at the bottom of poverty and is totally dependent on imperialist countries, you can’t help but wonder: at whose expense is Mr. Prime Minister going to rebuild the industry? After all, in the framework of the modern capitalist system, most of the newly built enterprises will belong to foreign capital, the workers of Latvia will act as a cheap labor force, and the profits will flow to the metropolitan countries.

WFL stands for the restoration of industry, but does not stop there – control over the distribution of profits and further economic development should be exercised by the Latvian workers themselves. – The development should be accompanied by construction of new housing, educational institutions, improvement of infrastructure, and not for another oligarch to buy himself another yacht or casino in London, as, for example, oligarch Melnik did when he destroyed Riga Shipyard.

It’s funny that expressing a remarkably sensible idea and probably fearing that fellow classmates would brand Kariņš a “sovok” and a Chekist, he added the epithet “reasonable” to the word “reindustrialization”: “Growth the welfare of the state and the Latvian people can be achieved through reasonable reindustrialization and the development of exports in various fields.”

In every bourgeois state, the bourgeoisie is the primary beneficiary of welfare, and it is built on the ruthless exploitation of the majority. In a state of the working class, however, welfare is conceived only as the welfare of everyone and is built on the joint labor of each and for everyone.