Crisis or Someone Just Can’t Get Enough?

The world’s productive forces have long ago reached the point where they can feed all the hungry, shelter all the homeless, cure those who cannot pay for medical care, and so on. But the capitalist ruling class and their servants do not need this at all. The imperialist predators continue to rob both the dependent (politically and economically) semi-colonies and their own population, using inflation and crisis as additional cover. The bourgeoisie itself raises prices, and then demands help from the state to repay the losses, which is done at the expense of the working people. – A scheme that has been practiced for decades.

The energy crisis roams Europe

Recently, gas prices have been increased tenfold, while electricity prices have been more than doubled.

What happened? Did the world run out of oil and gas? Several nuclear power plants exploded? No, it was because someone suddenly wanted to increase his profits. Remember one of the laws of the market – the strong beat the weak? Well, the working people were once again among the weak. And what did you want, for everything to be free and in great quantities? No, you’ll have to pay for everything, and at a price you’ll be told (and you can be sure you’ll be charged).

What do bourgeois experts recommend in the media in this regard? Saving money, of course! And do not, under any circumstances, demand from the “loss-bearing” capitalists to improve their economic situation, do not seek labor justice, but tighten their belts.

Here’s their advice

Reduce the temperature in the apartment by one more degree, boil less often and wash less, “enjoy the natural light” (preferably at night) and everything in that vein. And the next thing you know, “Eat less, work more, get less medicine, or better yet, die before you retire. A fine choice for a man in the twenty-first century.

Prices do not rise by themselves. Owners raise them.

The chairman of the board of Latvenergo stated that “all negative factors coincided” and prices “went up” and that nothing could be done about it. At a “wage” in 160 thousand euros a year (language does not dare to call this amount a wage, it is the real capitalist profit) one can not care about such a price increase. Ordinary working people and members of the labor intelligentsia are unlikely to be satisfied with such an explanation.

The bourgeoisie gets richer, the workers get poorer –that’s all modern, outmoded capitalism is about. It is high time for humanity to grow out of commodity relations and create a fair socialist system, where the full welfare and free all-round development of all members of society will be ensured without exception. How long must it take to realize this obvious fact…