Labor Market & Workers’ Struggle

I would like to remind you again that capitalism is a stage of commodity production in which labor becomes a commodity. And the goal of capitalism is to make a profit. Any person who does not want to be deceived should understand this. Otherwise, false ideas may rise about the socio-economic formation in which we live.

An employee sells his ability to work to the owner of the means of production. The objective interest of the worker is to get more money for his work, and the interest of the capitalist, accordingly, is to pay as little as possible. This is the main contradiction between labor and capital. Although the owners of means of production are in a struggle and competition among themselves, they generally act as a collective monopolist. After all, except for them, no one will buy your ability to work and you will be forced to simply die of hunger. Thanks to such actions, as well as to politicians who carry out their will, the minority leads the majority. And this is happening not only in Latvia, but in all capitalist countries (“democratic” countries as they are often called, so as not to scare off the inhabitants).

How can workers resist such a force?

They should form trade unions, as the same monopolies, but labor monopolies. After all, without the use of human labor, it’s impossible to extract surplus value and profit – something that every capitalist strives for. Accordingly, by creating such a monopoly, you can successfully resist employers. The trade union struggle is going on all over the world. And even in seemingly prosperous countries like France, Germany, Finland, and Spain, there are employee strikes. Should we even talk about countries with cheap labor power, where the degree of exploitation is much higher!

For example in our country we see that no one can be insured against losing their job as a result of the crisis, or the political ambitions of scammers, whether it is a state company or a private business. Capital will seek the path with lowest resistance and the greatest profit, because it is its main goal. Increasing the retirement age, the working week, reducing payment for labor, and unemployment benefits are all ways to increase profits. Without organized counteraction, this “beast” cannot be defeated. But will the people of Latvia have the strength to throw a muzzle on capital and send it to the dustbin of history, where it belongs?

Or maybe I’m exaggerating, and people in our country are enjoying the spirit of freedom and democracy, and are living so well as never before?

Conscious worker

Latvian resident is enjoying the spirit of freedom and democracy
One more Latvian resident is enjoying the spirit of freedom and democracy