Latvia. Sick Leaves and Insatiable Capitalists

The real content of wages is the amount of benefits that, on average, a worker can purchase for a given wage. From country to country, with a nominally equal salary, for example, 650 euros, this index is very different.

For example, in Latvia the real salary is lower than in Lithuania and Estonia.

However, the Latvian Confederation of Employers (i.e, the capitalist trade union) is unhappy with the fact that the maintenance of employees is too expensive for them. Despite the relevance of this topic in connection with the epidemic, they again started talking about “too expensive” sick leaves.

Here is what the media write – horns of bourgeois propaganda:

“In Latvia, the procedure for paying sick leave is different than in Lithuania and Estonia. This translates into higher costs for business owners. They have to pay more days for incapacity for work, while the Latvian budget covers a smaller share of sick leave costs than in Lithuania and Estonia.”

Be prepared that soon this issue will be resolved at the state level, because this topic is not being raised for the first time. Here is an example of the class struggle – the united bourgeoisie is going to once again knock down the divided working people.

Of course, as always, the capitalists cover up their intentions to lower the standard of living of working people with all sorts of reasoning and explanations:

“The large tax burden on the labor force leads to a decrease in the volume of exports and the inflow of foreign investment, a reduction in the possibilities of raising wages for workers and an increase in the shadow economy,” said Latvian Confederation of Employers expert Janis Hermanis at the conference of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.

That is, we, working people who maintain their own exploiters, are also to blame that the “unfortunate employer” cannot raise our wages!

For people unfamiliar with Marxism, this childish babble might do, but not for people who are deeply aware of their interests. To be victorious in the class struggle, one must first of all know what to fight for and be an organized force. Or the workers will be beaten once again.

Conscious worker