Triumph of Latvian Education System

In the sixth grade of Riga Secondary School No. 40, three weeks after the start of the school year, mathematics lessons were introduced, albeit not in full.

Since the beginning of the 2020/21 school year, sixth grades, of which there are four in total, have had no math lessons at all: the school’s management has failed to find a teacher. Three weeks later, the reformed, optimized and competence-based education system still threw up an unexpected solution: it turned out that the dad of one of the students has sufficient qualifications to teach mathematics lessons, even though this will be his first experience as a teacher.

Thanks to a brave man, incomplete math lessons will appear on the schedule. But who will be responsible for sabotaging the education system? And is it generally abnormal in a state where the ruling class, apparently, does not need comprehensively developed individuals, but only needs the bourgeoisie and philistines who cannot stand up for themselves?

In order to find teachers, you need to:

  1. significantly raise teachers’ salaries and reduce the workload,
  2. not to close pedagogical curricula,
  3. not to create a system in which teachers who do not know the state language are fired,
  4. completely abolish the so-called competence-based approach in education,
  5. to significantly increase the role of the exact sciences (especially mathematics and physics) in the school curriculum and in higher education.