Whose Welfare is the Ministry of Welfare Improving?

The capitalists of the world, through their presidents, prime ministers, and other “talking heads”, continue to talk about class peace. They even use the concept of “classes” to classify people according to their level of income (which is wrong), not in relation to ownership of the means of production. Same old mantras about unity of the nation, rallying, new challenges, etc. But if they don’t talk about the class struggle, this does not mean at all that it does not continue. Examples are not far to seek.

The Ministry of “Welfare” developed new amendments to the “Labor Law”. Naive citizens could think that in hard times of economic crisis and global epidemic the state would meet the needs of the most affected part of society – the workers and protect their objective interests. But it’s not quite right, or rather not right at all.

The state is an apparatus of violence in the hands of the ruling class and will pursue policies only in the interests of that class.

So, about the amendments

They concern collective agreements. The collective agreement is still a strong weapon for workers against the employer. In skillful hands and completely legally, it allows you to improve your situation. For example, it can prescribe an annual wage increase above inflation, a ban on overtime, and much more. Of course, this requires a group of like-minded people who are ready to stand up for their interests before the administration. Naturally, to the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, such a norm is a bone in the throat. But they can’t repeal it all at once, either, so they are doing everything gradually. Just as gradually as, for example, raising the retirement age.

In today’s Latvia, the workers’ movement is at a very low level. In spite of the objective deterioration of the situation of the workers, the bourgeois consciousness and general passivity prevail over workers’ solidarity and the desire to defend their economic interests. Nevertheless, the bourgeoisie is pre-emptive. How many of you, fellow workers, have a collective agreement? I am sure you do not. The employer prefers to conclude individual contracts, because it is easier for him to fire one uncooperative employee than an entire brigade that is willing to defend its interests.

Trade unions are outraged by the proposed amendments, but what will follow? Since 1991, the ruling class has legislated progressively worse conditions for workers and strengthened its domination.

Will wage earners stand up for their interests through unions, will union leaders lift up workers, or will it all end with menacing statements and pouting cheeks?

No one will help the workers except themselves. Only by realizing this, understanding your place in the class structure of the state, you can gradually begin to act, not allowing yourself to be deceived by cunning politicians who are ready to sacrifice you to achieve their selfish goals. The working people have their own, objective interests, and we are not on our way with the bourgeoisie.