To the question of education in Latvia

People living in Latvia must learn in their native language! Moreover, this right is enshrined in an international document, the framework convention on the protection of national minorities…

Learning Dialectics. Part I

This article is a first part of conspectus (summary) of Hegel’s dialectics. It examines the movement of thought from the concept of “pure being” to the concept of “becoming”.

Essence of Democracy. Part I. Democracy is not a curse

With the further development of the society and the change of social-economic formations, the forms of democracy have been changing too, but its essense has remained the same – to ensure the power of the ruling class, the power that is not externally limited by any laws.

Why Do They Decide for Us?

This is done by people who took over political power in the state. These people are not guided by the interests of the Latvian-speaking population, they are guided solely by their personal and group (class) interests.