Year 1905 in Latvia

The revolution in Latvia, neither in character nor in driving forces, did not differ from the revolution in other regions of Russia, it was its integral part.

About Latvian Language

Latvian language has the greatest similarity with the Lithuanian language. After Lithuanian, Russian is the closest language to the Latvian language.

Lenin: 149

On April 22, 2019, at 14:00, the Workers Front of Latvia holds a commemorative event at the Lenin Museum in Riga.

Dear Teachers!

Mūsu premjers Krišjānis Kariņš uzskata, ka valsts var ietaupīt uz skolotāju rēķina, ka mēs prasām pa daudz. Tuklāt, viņš atļaujas publiski izteikt domu, ka esam izlutināti un nedomājam par kopējo nākotni.

Time to Shorten the Working Day

Labor productivity is constantly talked about, justifying low wages. Say, in rich countries the worker works more productively, and therefore his wages are higher. These statements are not supported by any calculations, but they are presented as if not employers, but employees are guilty of low labor productivity.

Is There Working Class in Latvia?

When a question arises whether there is a working class in Latvia, emotional statements are usually made: “Yes, there is!” Or “No and can not be!” and their authors resort to rhetoric to prove their opinions.